How to choose a pair of binoculars?

Visually compare a pair of binoculars, concentrated relative technology, with another is extremely complicated!
Especially seen in photos, all the binoculars are worth more or less ...

So how will I choose my binoculars?

The ideal is, of course, to look at the technicality of binoculars and brands: for example, to understand the notion of "aplanatic" when talking about prisms (only a few leading brands offer it, such as FUJINON; To reduce the effects of astigmatism or distortion of the image) or to understand the advantage of the EBC treatment for lenses (Electron Beam Coating, proposed by FUJINON, which is a technology of Antireflection), etc.

All these more technical aspects are important but must intervene according to us only after having answered the following question...

What do you especially want to do with this pair of binoculars?

"I'm looking for a good pair of waterproof binoculars, practical, solid, to leave year-round on the boat, which we can all still use on board in ten years, with the same pleasure and precision of image?"

Your uses: yachting, sailing, coastal fishing, ...

What you are looking for: absolute tightness, incredible luminosity, anti-shock rubber coating, light to medium weight, ideally insubmersible.

Our advice: The 7x50 uncontrollable or if you are looking for lighter, why not an 8x42?

Which binoculars to choose? One of the binoculars of our Piacenza and Nautical range. Optionally, you can select binoculars with a compass (indicated by the letter "C" as for the 7x50 WP "C" XL).


"Invest in a high-quality optics with big magnification for the astronomy club, and take a real pleasure to observe the sky and the stars for hours with absolute comfort of sight?"

Your uses: Observation essentially nocturnal sky (astronomy), by hand or on fixed tripod.

What you are looking for: A three-dimensional image (unlike glasses), absolute sealing in outdoor, aplanatic, high magnification, very bright.

Binoculars or astronomical glasses? When one thinks amateur astronomy, one thinks, often too quickly, to the telescope. Nature has endowed us with two eyes to better appreciate what she can offer us most grandiose. Have you ever watched a comet or more simply the Moon through a 25 x 150 MT Fujinon? You will not even know what a telescope is!

Our advice: 10x70 and the famous 16 x 70. For the most expert, a 25x150 or 40x150: the biggest and heaviest binoculars in the world!

Which binoculars to choose? One of the binoculars in our Astronomy range. In the case of a 10x70 or 16x70, think of the tripod adapter!


"I'm looking for a compact, solid and very handy pair of binoculars to accompany me in my photo shots on my favorite ornithological sites."

Your uses: Ornithology (observation of birds), animal observation, observation of nature in general, hunting also (Different model according to lookout or field progression).

What you are looking for: Ideally compact, lightweight, easy to hold, anti-shock, waterproof. The choice of magnification will depend on your needs: The more you want a strong magnification and the more you choose 12x, 15x binoculars. Conversely, for a more versatile magnification, we recommend an 8x or 10x. Indeed, the larger the magnification, the smaller the field of view (but far!). The optical diameter will depend on your desire for brightness: The higher the diameter, the more bright the binoculars (but also generally less compact!).

Our advice: The range is quite wide: 8x32 and 8x42, 10x32, 10x42, 10x60, 12x60, 15x60.

Which binoculars to choose? One of the binoculars of our Nature and Observation range. For hunting, we advise you to choose your binoculars directly in our Hunting Binoculars range!


"For Christmas, the Children gave us a week in the Balearic Islands, we leave in two weeks, but we could buy a pair of simple travel binoculars for our excursions"

Your uses: All uses! Travel, safaris, animal park, mountain hiking, etc.

What you are looking for: Very compact and very light! Easy to take and adjust (central setting). Finally, obviously anti-shock and waterproof.

Our advice: A versatile pocket binocular with 8x or 10x magnification.

Which binoculars to choose? One of the binoculars of our Compact and Travel range.


"The Marine Company, which I have been working on for three years now, has just inaugurated two new passenger ships that will transport hundreds of passengers every day and in all weathers during several hours of crossings. Not that there is at the disposal of the Commandants in the bridge professional binoculars really adapted to this situation, and not binoculars supermarkets to less than thirty euros?"

Your Uses: Watch with extreme precision a generally changing situation, for short periods. People's safety can be engaged! It can be as well addressed to professionals of the sea as to skippers and navigators to the long course.

What you are looking for: A model of binoculars that can not support the approximation. People's safety can be engaged! These binoculars must be of professional quality, waterproof, shockproof, Marine Tested, have a very high quality optics and a great clarity.

Our advice: For this type of binoculars, only one choice: the MT range (Marine Tested).

Which binoculars to choose? One of the binoculars of our Marine and Long Cours range. The most demanding will choose a model with aplanatic technology (these binoculars are indicated by the letter "F" as the 7x50 "F" MT R SX2)

"For our terrace with a superb view of the valley, why not offer us observation and surveillance binoculars, outdoor, solid waterproof and guaranteed thirty years?"

Your uses: Fixed binoculars on a terrace or behind the window of the living room, to observe occasionally a group of birds in ascending flight in the distance, or a 4x4 parked on your path.

What you are looking for: A high-power, waterproof binocular.

Our advice: 10x70 for the smallest model, to the 16x70 for the models "hand". On foot, more impressive and powerful, we recommend the 15x80 ... and why not a 25x150; Simply the most powerful binocular in the world!

Which binoculars to choose? One of the binoculars in our Large Binoculars & Surveillance range.

It is always in this way that begins the reflection: what twin will I choose for my usual use (s)?

Immediately thereafter, comes the second criterion of choice that will more or less modify your trajectory towards this type of twin: what amount of money will I devote to my purchase of binoculars?

And there are two options, as for all other purchases of products that can be considered an investment: disposable or durable?

Disposable or durable?
There are quantities of binoculars at very low prices manufactured where the labor is the cheapest and the staff often the youngest, and where the standards of quality and therefore of guarantee are in the short term. We can find pairs of binoculars 10 x 50 to twenty euros (yes 20.00 euros!), With names and unlikely origins. This type of binoculars is nevertheless designed to be sold, the exterior appearance is generally beautiful, often giving an impression of solidity. But too quickly the image will be dull, blurry edges, poorly defined, distorted colors ... If not the shell, the envelope, will break before!

If you try the binoculars on a sunny day, the sun in the back, all brands and models will be more or less correct. It is in the actual conditions of use of your pair of binoculars, after its purchase, that you will see the difference.

You will spend hours and hours observing with your binoculars, and you will observe what you like: migratory birds passing through the sky for ornithologists, actors at the theater for the lyrical enthusiast, a comet at night From your house observatory, other pleasure boats cruising under grain in the same a bit difficult, etc.

Do you want to confide your eyes and these important moments of sometimes intense pleasure to approximate optics, not supporting too much movement and not at all the spray for example?

Good handling of your binoculars is essential, and a rubber protection of quality will prove very useful in the time (in particular for the hikers, ornithologists, hunters ...)

Some accessories may become less ... accessories that seem to be: a good strap around the neck (largely floatable for some Fujinon models), suitable glasses (also for the wearers of glasses!), A bag of Transport and protection, etc!


Our approach…
At, we think that there are privileged moments of life that do not support mediocrity, and our sense of sight is too essential not to offer to our eyes dignified and perfect vision optics adapted.

From the disposable to the picnic and shaving dishes, why not; But not for binoculars!

A pair of binoculars must be a real personal investment, much like a beautiful pen that will accompany you long for sometimes very personal uses. offers binoculars of only quality, guaranteed up to thirty years (yes up to 30 years!), And a single manufacture: FUJINON.

We are not the supermarket of binoculars with names and origins sometimes little or not known. FUJINON has long been the undisputed leader in the manufacture of binoculars that the most demanding users use all over the world. FUJIFILM (FUJIFILM) is first and foremost the world's leading manufacturer of surveillance cameras, television cameras, infrared detection cameras and night vision cameras ... all of which can not stand for a single moment. These are state-of-the-art technologies that serve the full range of Fujinon viewing binoculars. and distribute these high-quality binoculars to professionals over the past twenty years. We now place them at your disposal for your use pleasure ... safely and under all guarantees.


The magnification ...
What is a 7x50 binocular?

The first number (7) expresses the magnification factor (or approximation factor): a priori, one can allow oneself to imagine that the bigger the magnification, the more interesting the binocular. It's not that simple. As the magnification increases, the field of vision decreases. The field of vision is the extent of the space that appears to us when looking into the binoculars.

The second number (the 50) represents the diameter of the lens: The larger the diameter, the more light it enters and the more bright and clear the vision. We are therefore tempted here to provide ourselves with binoculars with large diameter of objective. But these models are all the larger and cumbersome, and the effect of tremor is all the more important.

Fujinon Harmony: To reconcile magnification and lens diameter, Fujinon has designed the latest generation of lenses and prisms that receive very technical special treatments (aplanatic, astigmatism, EBC Electron Beam Coating) giving the FUJINON binoculars an incomparable luminosity.

In clear weather and strong natural brightness: prefer a lower lens diameter to favor a high magnification if necessary, without forcing on the weight of the binocular to hold.

By low or twilight sky (hunting rack, animal observation, surveillance), opt for an important objective diameter by sacrificing a little magnification, but never forget the weight.


… and the weight ?
Our lightest binoculars weighs 485 grams (AirDrop 8x23) and the heaviest 18.5 pounds (40x150 ED-SX).

On board a ship with supports, on static hunting or photo shooting, on its terrace or comfortably installed in its living room facing the sea, a slightly less light-weight model with a wider aperture is bearable. This is much less for hikers or theater!

Do not forget the eye!
Each binocular has an exit pupil (PS or ocular circle) which is the diameter of the lens image expressed in millimeters. It is calculated according to this very simple formula: lens diameter / magnification = PS. For our 7 x 50 binocular, the exit pupil is therefore 50/7 = 7.

According to the age of the user, this exit pupil varies: it is of the order of 8 mm for the children, about 6 mm for the under fifty years, and falls towards 4 mm beyond fifty years.


And now ?
Having reached this stage of reflection, you have to examine more precisely, in detail, what the main players in the market propose to you.
- Real guarantees: Up to 30 years for Fujinon!
- A quality charter: The assurance of dealing with real professionals.
- Conditions of sale: Clear and precise! With a phone number for any question: (not surcharged!)
- ... and of course the more technical aspects: Technical answers to your specific questions. 

To make it easier, we designed and organized logos with very precise meanings. This allows you to know the main features of the FUJINON binocular that you are looking at.

You also have our Maintenance and Repair Service, also under FUJINON's full warranty.

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